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Core Skills
for Success

This five-week program introduces and instills five core skill areas that correspond with academic, career, and life success.  This evidence-based program is supported by a large and growing body of research demonstrating the value of these skills in highly effective individuals.

The program requires a time commitment of approximately 25 hours over the course of five weeks, including 10 one-hour online class sessions.

About This Program

Our classes are fully online, delivered via this webpage and over Zoom. Students will spend LIVE interactive class sessions with our instructor and their peers. In this course, students will cover the following:

Knowing Yourself

Identify your core values and personal strengths

Critical Thinking

Apply sound reasoning and thinking skills in your decision-making

Interpersonal Skills

Develop the key elements of effective communication

Emotional Intelligence

Build emotional awareness and resilience

Habits and Traits of Success

Incorporate effective habits, traits, and mindsets

How It Works

This program is delivered over a five-week period and includes ten live classes with the instructor and other students. Our live classes are held at various times during the week, in the day and evening, allowing students to choose times that best fit their schedules. Each live class session is 45-60 minutes in duration and there is also 10-15 hours of individual study time to complete assignments and projects.

A certificate of completion will be awarded to students that complete at least eight live class sessions and their individual assignments. Students may include their certification on resumes and applications for higher education, internships, employment.

Students become eligible for scholarships and discounts upon registration.