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Life Skills

Traditional school curriculums often overlook practical life skills such as how to buy a car or a home, start a business, or become an effective leader. Our Life Skills programs prepare teens with essential skills and knowledge areas that are critical to becoming a competent and successful adult. Each Life Skills program includes three live class sessions. Students can a earn certificate of completion for each of these programs, which can be used to boost school, scholarship, and job applications, as well as personal resumes.

About These Programs

Our classes are fully online, delivered via this webpage and over Zoom. Students will spend LIVE interactive class sessions with our instructor and their peers. In this course, students will cover the following:

Personal Finance

Learn the concepts and habits of personal financial responsibility, achieving your financial goals, and building wealth.

Introduction to Investing

Learn about investment markets, portfolio management, and the concepts of being an effective disciplined investor.

How to Start a Business

Learn how to start a business, write a business plan, and assess business opportunities.

Career Planning

Learn how to determine what to do with your life and career, plan your education, and land your dream job.

Effective Leadership

Cultivate the traits and qualities of an effective leader, including how to earn trust, motivate and influence others, and communicate effectively.

How It Works

Each Life Skills Elective program is held over a two-week period and includes three live interactive sessions with the instructor and other students.  Classes are held at various times during the week, in the day and evening, allowing students to choose times that best fit their schedules. Each live class session is 45-60 minutes in duration and there is also 1-3 hours of individual study time to complete assignments and projects.

A certificate of completion will be awarded to students that attend the live interactive sessions and complete their assignments and projects. Students may include their certification on resumes and applications for higher education, internships, employment.

Students become eligible for scholarships and discounts upon registration.

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