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My Skills Prep provides live courses focusing on crucial skills and knowledge areas not often taught at school but widely demonstrated to lead to success and high achievement in academics, career, and life.

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My Skills Prep empowers teens with the knowledge and skills to be successful. Our live course programs include core skills for success, college preparedness, and elective courses that focus on critical knowledge areas, such as basic personal finance, that are often overlooked or missing from traditional school curriculum.

Success is not an accident.

My Skills Prep live courses for the crucial skill sets of success includes Knowing Yourself, Critical Thinking and Decision Making, Interpersonal Skills and Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and the Habits and Traits of being Successful.

Prepared for College.

My Skills Prep live courses for college preparation include Planning your Future, College Selection, the Application and Admissions Process, Placement Test (ACT/SAT) Preparation, Scholarships and Financial Aid, and Succeeding at College.

Prepared for life.

My Skills Prep offers live courses to succeed in life including Basic Personal Finance, the Basics of Investing, How to be an Effective Leader, How to Plan your Career, How to Start a Business, and How to Land your Dream Job.

Explore Our Programs

Explore our range of three dynamic courses to build your skills and achieve your goals. Topics across our classes include: emotional intelligence, leadership, personal financing, starting a business, planning for your future, and college preparation.

Core Skills for Success Program

Knowing Yourself | Critical Thinking | Interpersonal Skills | Emotional Intelligence | Habits and Traits of Success

Life Skills Program

Leadership | Personal Finance | Investing | Starting a Business | Career Planning

College Prep Program

Planning Your Future | College Selection | The Application and Admissions Process | Placement Test Preparation and Resources | Scholarship and Financial Aid | Succeeding at College

Why My Skills?

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum includes concepts that are critical to driving individual success. The curriculum is divided into three primary program areas: Core Skills for Success, Life Skills Electives, and College Preparation. These programs are segmented in a way that allow students to focus on those areas of personal, academic, and life skill development that are most relevant to their needs.

Fill Gaps in Traditional Education

Our programs focus on skill and knowledge areas not often taught or emphasized at school but widely demonstrated to lead to success and high achievement in academics, career, and life​. This provides students with a more well-rounded education, equipping them with practical skills that they can use in their daily lives.

Preparation for the Future

Our programs prepare students for college, career, and life by imparting skills like basic personal finance, investing, leadership, career planning, and more. This prepares students to better navigate their future and achieve their goals.

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