From college selection and application strategies to mastering placement tests and securing financial aid, our comprehensive program equips you with the essential knowledge and tools to achieve your academic goals.   The College Prep program is held over a five-week period and includes six live interactive sessions with the instructor and other students.  Both students and parents are welcome to attend the college prep live classes.  Classes are held at various times during the week, in the day and evening, allowing students and parents to choose times that best fit their schedules.

Key Highlights:

  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Format: 6 live online sessions via Zoom, each lasting 45-60 minutes.
  • Core Areas Covered:
    • Plan your Future: Learn how to evaluate your options, choose a career, and utilize available resources for planning your future.
    • College Selection: Determine which schools align with your objectives, plan college visits and interactions, and narrow your list of top schools.
    • Applications and Admissions: Learn the important details of the application and admissions process, review helpful resources, develop your timeline around deadlines, and write effective essays.
    • Placement Tests: Learn about the current environment for testing requirements, a comparison of the SAT and ACT exams, develop a preparation plan and review helpful resources, how to best use your test score.
    • Scholarships and Financial Aid: Learn about college savings plans, financial aid, grants, scholarships, and loans. Review common forms and deadlines. Develop your master funding strategy based on your individual circumstances.
    • Succeeding at College: Learn about the practical tools and foundational habits that will allow you to achieve academic success and get the most from your college experience.

College Prep July 8 to August 10, 2024


Please note that we reserve the right to confirm AGI and GPA eligibility through applicable paperwork, if necessary.

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